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libMesh::DTKSolutionTransfer Class Reference

Implementation of a SolutionTransfer object that uses the DataTransferKit ( to transfer variables back and forth between systems. More...

#include <dtk_solution_transfer.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DTKSolutionTransfer (const libMesh::Parallel::Communicator &comm)
virtual ~DTKSolutionTransfer ()
virtual void transfer (const Variable &from_var, const Variable &to_var) override
 Transfer the values of a variable to another. More...
const Parallel::Communicatorcomm () const
processor_id_type n_processors () const
processor_id_type processor_id () const

Protected Types

typedef DataTransferKit::SharedDomainMap< DTKAdapter::MeshContainerType, DTKAdapter::MeshContainerTypeshared_domain_map_type

Protected Attributes

Teuchos::RCP< const Teuchos::Comm< int > > comm_default
 COMM_WORLD for now. More...
std::map< EquationSystems *, DTKAdapter * > adapters
 The DTKAdapter associated with each EquationSystems. More...
std::map< std::pair< EquationSystems *, EquationSystems * >, shared_domain_map_type *> dtk_maps
 The dtk shared domain maps for pairs of EquationSystems (from, to) More...
const Parallel::Communicator_communicator

Detailed Description

Implementation of a SolutionTransfer object that uses the DataTransferKit ( to transfer variables back and forth between systems.

Derek Gaston

Definition at line 54 of file dtk_solution_transfer.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ shared_domain_map_type

Definition at line 74 of file dtk_solution_transfer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DTKSolutionTransfer()

libMesh::DTKSolutionTransfer::DTKSolutionTransfer ( const libMesh::Parallel::Communicator comm)

◆ ~DTKSolutionTransfer()

virtual libMesh::DTKSolutionTransfer::~DTKSolutionTransfer ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ comm()

const Parallel::Communicator& libMesh::ParallelObject::comm ( ) const

◆ n_processors()

processor_id_type libMesh::ParallelObject::n_processors ( ) const
The number of processors in the group.

Definition at line 95 of file parallel_object.h.

References libMesh::ParallelObject::_communicator, and libMesh::Parallel::Communicator::size().

Referenced by libMesh::MeshBase::partition().

96  { return cast_int<processor_id_type>(_communicator.size()); }
processor_id_type size() const
Definition: communicator.h:175
const Parallel::Communicator & _communicator

◆ processor_id()

processor_id_type libMesh::ParallelObject::processor_id ( ) const

◆ transfer()

virtual void libMesh::DTKSolutionTransfer::transfer ( const Variable from_var,
const Variable to_var 

Transfer the values of a variable to another.

This is meant for transferring values from one EquationSystems to another even in the case of having different meshes.

The first time this function is called for one combination of EquationSystems, a lot of setup and caching is done. Subsequent transfers between the same EquationSystems will be much faster.

Implements libMesh::SolutionTransfer.

Member Data Documentation

◆ _communicator

const Parallel::Communicator& libMesh::ParallelObject::_communicator

◆ adapters

std::map<EquationSystems *, DTKAdapter *> libMesh::DTKSolutionTransfer::adapters

The DTKAdapter associated with each EquationSystems.

Definition at line 80 of file dtk_solution_transfer.h.

◆ comm_default

Teuchos::RCP<const Teuchos::Comm<int> > libMesh::DTKSolutionTransfer::comm_default

COMM_WORLD for now.

Definition at line 77 of file dtk_solution_transfer.h.

◆ dtk_maps

std::map<std::pair<EquationSystems *, EquationSystems *>, shared_domain_map_type * > libMesh::DTKSolutionTransfer::dtk_maps

The dtk shared domain maps for pairs of EquationSystems (from, to)

Definition at line 83 of file dtk_solution_transfer.h.

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