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Outputs System

Available Objects

  • Moose App
  • CSVOutput for postprocessors, vector postprocessors, and scalar variables using comma seperated values (CSV).
  • CheckpointOutput for MOOSE recovery checkpoint files.
  • ConsoleObject for screen output.
  • ControlOutputOutput for displaying objects and parameters associated with the Control system.
  • DOFMapOutput degree-of-freedom (DOF) map.
  • ExodusObject for output data in the Exodus II format
  • GMVObject for outputting data in the GMV format
  • GnuplotOutput for postprocessors and scalar variables in GNU plot format.
  • MaterialPropertyDebugOutputDebug output object for displaying material property information.
  • NemesisObject for output data in the Nemesis format
  • PerfGraphOutputControls output of the PerfGraph: the performance log for MOOSE
  • SolutionHistoryOutput for the nonlinear solution history.
  • TecplotObject for outputting data in the Tecplot format
  • TopResidualDebugOutputDebug output object for displaying the top contributing residuals.
  • VTKOutput data using the Visualization Toolkit (VTK).
  • VariableResidualNormsDebugOutput
  • XDAObject for outputting data in the XDA/XDR format
  • XDRObject for outputting data in the XDA/XDR format

Available Actions