Misc Module

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Documentation for the misc module needs some work...

Objects, Actions, and Syntax

  • Misc App
  • ADMatDiffusionSame as Diffusion in terms of physics/residual, but the Jacobian is computed using forward automatic differentiation
  • ADThermoDiffusionCalculates diffusion due to temperature gradient and Soret Coefficient
  • CoefDiffusionKernel for diffusion with diffusivity = coef + function
  • ThermoDiffusionKernel for thermo-diffusion (Soret effect, thermophoresis, etc.)
  • Misc App
  • ADDensityCreates density AD material property
  • DensityCreates density material property
  • Misc App
  • InternalVolumeComputes the volume of an enclosed area by performing an integral over a user-supplied boundary.