Peacock (an optional MOOSE GUI frontend) uses many libraries. The easiest way to obtain these libraries, is to install miniconda, along with several miniconda/pip packages.

curl -L -O
sh -b -p $PACKAGES_DIR/miniconda

PATH=$PACKAGES_DIR/miniconda/bin:$PATH conda config --set ssl_verify false
PATH=$PACKAGES_DIR/miniconda/bin:$PATH conda install -c idaholab python=2.7 coverage \
reportlab \
mako \
numpy \
scipy \
scikit-learn \
h5py \
hdf5 \
scikit-image \
requests \
vtk=7.1.0 \
pyyaml \
matplotlib \
pip \
lxml \
pyflakes \
pandas \
conda-build \
mock \
yaml \
pyqt \
swig --yes

Peacock (as well as the TestHarness sytem in MOOSE), does not work with Python3. Please chose Miniconda2 for Python 2.7 instead.

Next, we need to use pip to install additional libraries not supplied by conda:

PATH=$PACKAGES_DIR/miniconda/bin:$PATH pip install --no-cache-dir pybtex livereload==2.5.1 daemonlite pylint==1.6.5 lxml pylatexenc anytree