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PropertyValue Class Referenceabstract

Abstract definition of a property value. More...

#include <MaterialProperty.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~PropertyValue ()
virtual std::string type ()=0
 String identifying the type of parameter stored. More...
virtual PropertyValueinit (int size)=0
 Clone this value. More...
virtual unsigned int size () const =0
virtual void resize (int n)=0
 Resizes the property to the size n. More...
virtual void swap (PropertyValue *rhs)=0
virtual void qpCopy (const unsigned int to_qp, PropertyValue *rhs, const unsigned int from_qp)=0
 Copy the value of a Property from one specific to a specific qp in this Property. More...
virtual void store (std::ostream &stream)=0
virtual void load (std::istream &stream)=0
virtual void markAD (bool use_ad)=0
 Mark whether this property is in AD mode. This method is necessary for switching the state after swapping material properties during stateful material calculations. More...
virtual void copyDualNumberToValue (const unsigned int i)=0
 copy the value portion (not the derivatives) of the DualNumber<Real> version of the material property to the Real version for the specified quadrature point More...

Detailed Description

Abstract definition of a property value.

Definition at line 35 of file MaterialProperty.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~PropertyValue()

virtual PropertyValue::~PropertyValue ( )

Definition at line 38 of file MaterialProperty.h.

38 {};

Member Function Documentation

◆ copyDualNumberToValue()

virtual void PropertyValue::copyDualNumberToValue ( const unsigned int  i)
pure virtual

◆ init()

virtual PropertyValue* PropertyValue::init ( int  size)
pure virtual

◆ load()

virtual void PropertyValue::load ( std::istream &  stream)
pure virtual

◆ markAD()

virtual void PropertyValue::markAD ( bool  use_ad)
pure virtual

◆ qpCopy()

virtual void PropertyValue::qpCopy ( const unsigned int  to_qp,
PropertyValue rhs,
const unsigned int  from_qp 
pure virtual

Copy the value of a Property from one specific to a specific qp in this Property.

to_qpThe quadrature point in this Property that you want to copy to.
rhsThe Property you want to copy from.
from_qpThe quadrature point in rhs you want to copy from.

Implemented in MaterialProperty< T >, MaterialProperty< RankTwoTensorTempl >, MaterialProperty< DenseMatrix< Real > >, MaterialProperty< RealTensorValue >, MaterialProperty< RankFourTensor >, MaterialProperty< std::vector< T > >, MaterialProperty< RankTwoTensor >, MaterialProperty< std::vector< RealGradient > >, MaterialProperty< std::vector< Real > >, MaterialProperty< RealVectorValue >, and MaterialProperty< Real >.

Referenced by MaterialPropertyStorage::prolongStatefulProps(), and MaterialPropertyStorage::restrictStatefulProps().

◆ resize()

virtual void PropertyValue::resize ( int  n)
pure virtual

◆ size()

virtual unsigned int PropertyValue::size ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ store()

virtual void PropertyValue::store ( std::ostream &  stream)
pure virtual

◆ swap()

virtual void PropertyValue::swap ( PropertyValue rhs)
pure virtual

◆ type()

virtual std::string PropertyValue::type ( )
pure virtual

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