ADMaterials System

An ADMaterial is a class template that an application developer should inherit from if they want to define material properties whose dependence on coupled variables should be computed automatically via automatic differentiation. Any material derived from ADMaterial should itself be a class template. This template will then be used to create two objects: an ADMaterial<RESIDUAL> and a ADMaterial<JACOBIAN>. The former object will be called upon during residual calculations and will not compute any derivatives with respect to the coupled variables; the latter will be called during Jacobian calculations and will do derivative calculations. When coupling in the non-linear variable, the application developer should call on the adCoupled set of methods defined in the Coupleable class.

Available Objects

Available Actions

  • Moose App
  • AddADMaterialActionThis action is used to add ADMaterial<RESIDUAL> and ADMaterial<JACOBIAN> objects