Note: Users should only follow these instructions if/when they are operating on a machine located out side INL's internal network.

  • SSH Config
    Edit your ~/.ssh/config file and add the following content:
 User <your hpc user id>
 ProxyCommand nc -x localhost:5555 %h %p
 User <your hpc user id>
 ProxyCommand nc -x localhost:5555 %h %p
  • SSH Tunnel
    Create a tunnel into the HPC environment and leave it running while you require access to GitLab and or MOOSEBuild. If you close this window, you will loose your connection to HPC GitLab / MOOSEBuild:
ssh -D 5555 <your hpc user id>

Note: Connecting in this method requires the same RSA PIN + Token you have always used when establishing a connection to HPCLogin.

  • Socks Proxy
    Adjust the socks proxy settings for your least favorite web browser to reflect the following settings:

We say 'least' favorite, because once you adjust this setting, that web browser will be unable to browse anything when your SSH tunnel is inactive.

Note: If you do not know how to do that, look up “Change socks proxy settings for [insert the name of your web browser here]” on or some other search engine.

  • Log in to HPC Gitlab
    Go to the following link:
    The user id and password will be your HPC user id and password.
    Note: This is not your RSA token or PIN.

  • SSH Keys
    Create your SSH public/private key and install it on GitLab. Instructions for doing so can be found on GitLab itself at:

  • Request Access
    With now being able to connect to, and having generated an SSH public/private key pair, please inform a project owner that you require access to their project.

Once you receive an email stating you have been added as a member of said project, you should then be able to create a Fork of that repository (using the web site)

To clone the repository you just forked:

git clone<your user id>/<project>.git

View build status on MOOSEBuild

Using the same browser you modified your socks proxy settings, you should be able to now navigate to