MOOSE is designed for building custom applications, the following is a community driven list of applications.

The purpose of these lists is two fold:

  1. Every MOOSE-base application is a library, thus it is natural to create new applications from existing code.
  2. The MOOSE developers strive to keep your applications up-to-date when major changes occur, this list indicates to the developers to consider your application.

Open-source Applications

  • Pika - Phase-field model for micro-structure evolution of ice
  • HOGNOSE - CASL's mesoscale corrosion/oxidation code
  • MAMBA - CASL's code for boiling, heat transfer, and chemistry in porous media
  • Hyrax - Zirconium hydride precipitation and growth in LWR nuclear fuel cladding
  • Ferret - Kernels to implement the time-dependent Landau-Ginzburg theory of phase transitions for simulating ferroelectric materials
  • GRIME - The Grand Radiation Informed Microstructural Evolver: Coupled, spatially dependent radiation damage and microstructural evolution
  • Gardensnake - Nodal neutron diffusion code developed at MIT
  • Zapdos - Low temperature plasma simulation
  • Moltres - Molten salt reactor simulation
  • DGOSPREY - Discontinuous Galerkin Off-gas SeParation and REcoverY model: joint development between INL and GIT
  • Dendragapus - Application to explore modifications to Picard Iteration
  • Slug - Hyperloop air bearing simulation tool
  • Redback - Rock Mechanics with Dissipative (Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical-Chemical) Feedbacks: joint development between CSIRO and UNSW Australia

Idaho National Laboratory Applications

Please contact the MOOSE-users email list if you are interested in using one of these applications.

  • MARMOT - Nuclear materials phase field and mechanics application
  • RATTLESNAKE - FEM Diffusion, SN, and PN code
  • BISON - Flagship fuels performance code
  • RELAP7 - Next Generation nuclear reactor system safety analysis code
  • PRONGHORN - Transient prismatic and pebble bed reactor analysis code
  • MAMMOTH - Reactor physics application
  • YAK - Common object library for INL particle transport codes
  • OSPREY - Off-gas Separation and REcoveryY for dispersed plug flow in a packed bed.
  • BIGHORN - Compressible fluid dynamics code

Private Apps:

  • HOGNOSE-Dev - Development (private) repo for HOGNOSE
  • MAMBA-Dev - Development (private) repo for MAMBA
  • GRIME-Dev - Development (private) repo for GRIME