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Making an App inherit from an App

Making your App depend on another App

When you create a new app with the stork script you get a new application that inherits from MOOSE and all of the physics modules by default, but what if you want to inherit from an existing application? This blog post dives into the details of how you modify you application to do just that!

Changing a published API (Deprecation)

There are pros and cons to having users:

Retrieving the "LATEST" value from a file

We have added the ability to retrieve the "latest" value in several places in MOOSE. We use the adjective "latest" to indicate that these values come from the most recent file written rather than a solution file with the highest serial number. This situation might occur if you are rerunning the simulation in the same directory over and over without cleaning up in-between runs. In this case you may have an older simulation that ran longer than the most recent simulation. So "latest" means "most recent".

Removing Legacy Behavior

Those of you who are interested in removing legacy execution behavior from your application please follow the instructions below:

MOOSE Output Tips

Saving output to a file and viewing it in real-time

Use the UNIX "tee" command save to a file and still display to the screen at the same time. The 2>&1 argument saves both the stdout and stderr to your output file. You might not notice any difference unless you have an error in your run.

R&D 100

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