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DiscreteMaterial Objects

A new type of Material object has been added to MOOSE to allow for users to perform explicit, iterative calculations of material properties.

Output Syntax Changes

We are currently in the process of re-factoring the Executioner class in MOOSE, which will greatly expand upon the "execute_on" options for all systems. We will provide more information about this change soon.

Constructor Change

MooseObject Constructor Change

We are updating the constructors in MOOSE, which may be the largest change to MOOSE that we have attempted. We will do our best to keep the transition seamless, but unforeseen problems are likely, so please be patient as we make these changes.

Output Enhancements

Output Enhancement

The ability to control when output occurs has been enhanced and now is consistent with other objects in MOOSE that utilize the "execute_on" parameter (e.g., UserObject).

Image Function

We added a new feature to the phase-field module for reading data from image and stacks of images. The original purpose for this feature was to generate mesh from micro-structure data, as shown in the image.

R&D 100

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