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Coloring output in MOOSE

Highlighting or coloring output in MOOSE is now easy to use. There are several color macro names that can be inserted into any stream object.

Writing to the Console output object

Each MooseObject now has a member variable (_console) which is essentially an output stream connecting to the Console output object(s). It allows messages to be passed through the Moose output system, thus properly handled when parameters such as 'output_initial' or 'interval' are being utilized. This message will also be included in the Console file output, if enabled.

July MOOSE Workshop!

We're happy to announce the dates of the next MOOSE workshop! It will be held here, in Idaho Falls, ID on July 8th, 9th and 10th. This course is offered at no cost to you... and is intended for anyone that wants to come up to speed on how to use MOOSE to create multiphysics applications.

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