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Solving Reaction Network Systems

We had a question on our mailing list recently about how to solve for systems of equations that involve multiple interactions of equations. This comes up a lot in chemical systems, neutronics and lots of other places.

Range Checked Parameters

MOOSE now supports range checked parameters. We use the builtin fparser from libMesh so that we can handle very simple to very complex expressions. A full HTML reference of the syntax can be found here.

Picard With MultiApps

In the MOOSE view of things there are three types of coupling:

Slight change to Tecplot Outputter

By default, MOOSE writes Tecplot files in ASCII format. In the past, we have used the ".plt" file extension to denote these ASCII files, but this is inconsistent with the typical Tecplot naming convention which uses the ".plt" extension for binary files instead.

MOOSE Workshop and Launch Party

This last week 50 people traveled to Idaho Falls, ID to participate in a three day MOOSE workshop. This was the first workshop where MOOSE has been open source and we were excited to have a whole new crop of users help us kick off this next chapter in the project.

R&D 100

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