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Output Enhancements

Output Enhancement

The ability to control when output occurs has been enhanced and now is consistent with other objects in MOOSE that utilize the "execute_on" parameter (e.g., UserObject).



MooseEnums have been around for a few years in MOOSE. They are useful anytime you need to create a list of options for your custom objects. MooseEnums automatically verify that a supplied option matches an item in the list (case-insensitive). MOOSE has full support for using them with the InputParameters class as well.

Image Function

We added a new feature to the phase-field module for reading data from image and stacks of images. The original purpose for this feature was to generate mesh from micro-structure data, as shown in the image.

Smart Pointers in MOOSE

While MOOSE continues to maintain full C++03 support we are adding new language features as we need them. MOOSE now has full support for one C++11 Smart pointer type: shared_ptr.

Coloring output in MOOSE

Highlighting or coloring output in MOOSE is now easy to use. There are several color macro names that can be inserted into any stream object.

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