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Constructor Change

MooseObject Constructor Change

We are updating the constructors in MOOSE, which may be the largest change to MOOSE that we have attempted. We will do our best to keep the transition seamless, but unforeseen problems are likely, so please be patient as we make these changes.

10k Commits

Just a couple of days ago the MOOSE repository received it's 10,000th commit! The lucky committer? John Peterson, with a fixup for our presentation builder system.

Removing Legacy Behavior

Those of you who are interested in removing legacy execution behavior from your application please follow the instructions below:

MOOSE Output Tips

Saving output to a file and viewing it in real-time

Use the UNIX "tee" command save to a file and still display to the screen at the same time. The 2>&1 argument saves both the stdout and stderr to your output file. You might not notice any difference unless you have an error in your run.

Dynamically Loading Multiapps

Dynamically Loading Multiapps

If you are working on your own application and would like to try out the Multiapp system with someone else's Application, you currently you have to run through a series of steps to add dependencies to the Makefile and register the other application explicitly.

R&D 100

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