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Phase Field module change affecting Allen-Cahn kernels

A PR was merged today that changes an internal detail of the ACBulk class, which a lot of Allen-Cahn type Kernels inherit from. This class is now a class template. The template argument is the type of the Mobility parameter. Previously this has been assumed to be a scalar number.

Header file changes to MOOSE may require additional #includes

Due to recent changes in library level includes to reduce unnecessary recompilation, it may be necessary for your application code (Kernels, BoundaryConditions, etc.) to include more MOOSE header files. We have fixed most of the codes that are openly available online, but there are always some we miss, and there are of course private applications that we can't see. The following error messages should help you figure out what header files you need to include to get things compiling again.

Retrieving the "LATEST" value from a file

We have added the ability to retrieve the "latest" value in several places in MOOSE. We use the adjective "latest" to indicate that these values come from the most recent file written rather than a solution file with the highest serial number. This situation might occur if you are rerunning the simulation in the same directory over and over without cleaning up in-between runs. In this case you may have an older simulation that ran longer than the most recent simulation. So "latest" means "most recent".

New TimeIntegrators Added

Several new TimeIntegrators have recently been added to MOOSE, and more are on the way. The list of implicit TimeIntegrators is:

Output Syntax Changes

We are currently in the process of re-factoring the Executioner class in MOOSE, which will greatly expand upon the "execute_on" options for all systems. We will provide more information about this change soon.

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