• Install the redistributable using your package manager, and follow the on-screen post installation instructions.

    • dpkg -i moose-environment-*

    • The on-screen instructions will ask you to append the following to your ~/.bashrc:

# Uncomment to enable pretty prompt:

# export MOOSE_PROMPT=true

# Uncomment to enable autojump:

# export MOOSE_JUMP=true

# Source MOOSE profile

if [ -f /opt/moose/environments/moose_profile ]; then
  . /opt/moose/environments/moose_profile

If you have any opened terminals at this point, you will need to close them, and re-open them in order for the MOOSE environment to take affect. The following instructions will ultimately fail if you do not.


If you ever need to uninstall the moose-environment package, you can do so by running: sudo dpkg moose-environment